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Ferncroft Environmental (IOM) Ltd, are one of the Isle of Man's leading specialist ‘Licensed Asbestos Removal, environmental, remediation, Health, Safety and Training Solutions’ providers serving a wide client base both internationally and at home in many different sectors including, oil, power, offshore, healthcare, local authorities, contracting and the demolition and refurbishment sectors. As a DEFA Licensed Asbestos Removal company, we are here to ensure your asbestos issues are dealt with from checking, planning, notification, removal and ultimately the correct disposal.

...Solid Reputation

Ferncroft Environmental’s enviable reputation is built up of over 40 years of  independent, impartial and dedicated service to the environment and as with any type of legislation, specialist help is a must to guide you and assist in what sometimes appears to be a mine field. Asbestos is no exception, with over 40 years working in the asbestos removal and demolition industry, we are ideally placed to offer such help and assistance.

Latest News... 

As of the 1st February 2023, Regulation 4 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 took effect following the introduction of the Control of Asbestos (Application) Order 2022. 


If you are the 'Duty Holder' (This could be the building owner, lease holder, tenant or even the person who has the maintenance responsibilities) Regulation 4 The Duty to Manage places a legal duty upon you to find, locate, record and manage asbestos within your buildings. In simple terms if you have a non domestic building that was constructed before the year 2000, then this legal requirement will apply to you.

This comes following a 6 month period to allow property owners and managers to put in place following the introduction of the Control of Asbestos (Application) Order 2022 and the Health and Safety at Work (Managing and Working with Asbestos Code of Practice)(Application)Order 2022, which came into force on the 1 August 2022, having been passed through Tynwald on the 21 June 2022.

Are you and your workers aware of the dangers of Asbestos?

Asbestos Kills...

Asbestos is a known human carcinogen and the single greatest cause of work-related deaths in the UK.

As long as asbestos is in good condition and is not disturbed or damaged there is negligible risk. However, if it is disturbed or damaged, it can become a danger to health, because asbestos fibres are released into the air and people may breathe them in.

Its all about education, the Islands legislation, requires employers to make sure that anyone liable to disturb asbestos during their work, or who supervises such employees, receives the correct level of information, instruction and training to enable them to carry out their work safely and competently and without risk to themselves or others.

DEFA Licensed asbestos removal specialist covering the whole of the Isle of Man

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Ferncroft Environmental (IOM) Ltd are one of the Islands leading fully licensed asbestos removal companies, licensed by DEFA, to undertake the removal of licensed asbestos products, such as asbestos insulation board, thermal insulation and sprayed coatings.


Based at Derbyhaven, Ferncroft are fully equipped and self contained with a fully trained, medicalled and insured manx work force.

Asbestos Removal...

Asbestos Surveys...

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With the asbestos legislation for the management of asbestos in non-domestic premises including the communal areas in domestic properties such as the foyers, stairwells, lift shafts, roof voids etc coming taking effect from 1st February 2023, you can be assured that Ferncroft and our team of fully insured asbestos surveyors, are here to ensure we help you prepare to be compliant.

We undertake, all types of asbestos surveys from Management, refurbishment through to asbestos pre demolition surveys.

Whether your a commercial or domestic client, that simply requires a sample or two taking to check if that product contains asbestoos then our 'asbestacheck' sample only service could be what you are looking for.

With 'asbestacheck' the cost includes attending your premises taking the required samples, labelling, dispatching to a UKAS accredited lab in the UK and reporting back with the results all within the cost. Asbestos can be found in 1000's of products including, vinyl floor tiles, textured coatings, roof tiles, soffits and garage ceilings to name but a few.

Our asbestos page shows pictures of typical commercial and domestic premises where you could find asbestos.  Asbestos left in place without damage is said to be perfectly safe, but if you need to work on it, Is it worth taking a chance and potentially exposing yourself or others.

Materials Testing...

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Asbestos Samples...

Whilst we specialise in asbestos, we also carry out other testing of materials. Our list below is not exhaustive, but there to give you an idea of what services we can offer. We use specialist UKAS accredited laboratories in the UK, to determine the presents of contaminants and include testing for:-

  • Lead in Paints

  • Microbial Testing

  • Soil Sampling

  • Mold sampling

  • Anthrax

  • Hydrocarbons

  • WAC Testing

single samples | bulk | urgent

Online Training
UKATA Online Training
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As one of the Island' specialist environmental cleaning  companies, we deal with lots of unpleasant materials including microbial and bacterial contamination, mould, pigeon droppings and carcasses, aspergillus, and lead paint to name a few, from sampling, survey through to removal and ultimate disposal is all in a days work.

At Ferncroft, our team members are fully trained, insured and have all the correct PPE including respiratory protective equipment for which they are fit tested and with our own inhouse waste containers take care of all the waste disposal requirements including separation for recycling wherever possible


demolition | remediation | testing | disposal | recycling

From site 'wac' testing, small micro demolition projects, internal strip outs, site clearance, material segregation, recycling and waste disposal are just some of the everyday works we get involved with. 

Ferncroft Environmental are happy taking on projects either through a princi[pal contractor or as the principal contractor.

We are full conversed with the Construction (design and Management) Regulations 2003 as applied to the island


advice | audits | health & safety

No matter how good we are, there are times when we all need that little extra help, be it, advice, an audit of our systems and site works or even another opinion and help with general health and safety issues, risk assessmenta nd method statements.

Having spent over 40 years working with asbestos, both in removal and management, we are ideally placed to be on hand to assist you.


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When it comes to training, we give a real hands on experience,  so whether your looking for a simple asbestos awareness course, non-licensed asbestos removal training of need to be in a position to manage your asbestos within your buildings as the Duty Holder, then are courses are in place for you.

With Classroom courses and online asbestos awareness available to suit your needs.

asbestos training online

Ukata training at home 24/7
UKATA Training for tradespeople

Available 24 / 7 at a place and time to suit you, simply log in online and away you go...........

including vat



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