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The Isle of Man's Asbestos Legislation takes effect from 1st August 2022

1st August 2022

On the 21 June 2022 the Control of Asbestos (Application) Order 2022 and the Health and Safety at Work (Managing and Working with Asbestos Code of Practice)(Application) Order 2022 were approved by Tynwald, these orders apply the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 an act of Parliament and its accompanying approved code of practice (ACOP) to the Isle of Man.

These regulations come into force on the 1 August 2022 and require duty holders to identify and manage asbestos in non-domestic premises and for the first time introduces a prohibition on the supply of asbestos and materials with asbestos added.

They also introduce a requirement to obtain a licence from the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture (DEFA) before working on licensable asbestos containing products.

The Managing and Working with Asbestos Code of Practice provides a recommended method of meeting the requirements of the applied Regulations.

Managing and Working with Asbestos

The following information will be of particular interest to employers, asbestos contractors and others with duties under asbestos regulations, together with those workers currently at greatest risk from exposure to asbestos. The importation and supply of all forms of asbestos are banned. However, many buildings, and some plant and equipment, may still contain asbestos-containing materials (ACMs).

Before you start any work in a building that might contain asbestos (e.g. built or refurbished before the year 2000), you need to do the following:

Identify whether asbestos is present and determine its type and condition

  • People responsible for maintenance of non-domestic premises, have a 'duty to manage' the asbestos in them, and should provide you with information on where any asbestos is in the building and what condition it is in.

  • If no information is available or it is limited and you suspect asbestos may be present you should have the area surveyed and representative samples of the material you are going to work on analysed.

  • Alternatively, you can assume that any material you need to disturb does contain asbestos and take the appropriate precautions for the highest risk situation.

Carry out a risk assessment

  • Decide if it's possible to carry out the building or maintenance work avoiding the risk of asbestos exposure all together.

  • If that's not possible, identify who might be at risk and the level of possible asbestos exposure from any work.

  • On this basis, decide what work methods are necessary to provide effective control of the risks.

  • Further information on carrying out a risk assessment is available.

Decide if the work needs to be carried out by a licensed contractor

  • Most asbestos removal work will require a contractor holding a licence from DEFA.

  • All work with sprayed asbestos coatings and asbestos lagging and most work with asbestos insulation and asbestos insulating board (AIB) requires a licence.

  • Identify if your work needs a licensed contractor.

  • Find a licensed contractor, or find out how to apply for a licence



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