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managing asbestos in buildings course


BOHS P405 Course

The British Occupational Hygiene Societies (BOHS) P405 course ‘Management of Asbestos In Buildings’ has been designed for candidates who are responsible for Non-Domestic Premises.

Regulation 4 of ‘The Control of Asbestos’ Regulations 2012 (CAR 2012), places an explicit duty on the owners and occupiers of non-domestic premises to have an asbestos management plan in place, detailing where the asbestos materials are within their premises.

To enable the Duty Holder to satisfy their obligations, it is necessary for them to have a detailed asbestos survey carried out by a competent asbestos surveyor, after which they made need to have asbestos removed.

This BOHS P405 course helps provide the practical knowledge and the skills to be able to manage asbestos in buildings and to provide a basic knowledge of asbestos removal procedures.

The course is based on the requirements of CAR 2012, and makes the legal responsibilities clear for the ‘Duty Holder’ and their ‘Appointed Person’. Asbestos is a category 1 carcinogen and therefore must be managed responsibly.

Whose the course for

  • Manages asbestos in buildings.

  • Procures asbestos-related services.

  • Is a duty holder, or provides assistance to duty holders in a supporting role.

  • Has a surveying, assessment or analytical background and is looking to progress into asbestos management.

  • Manages or oversees asbestos removal on site (e.g. an analyst or building owner).

  • Has the day-to-day responsibility to manage the asbestos register, asbestos data information and asbestos management action plan.

What are the Main Subject Areas

  • Legislation and guidance for asbestos practitioners.

  • The properties of asbestos and health effects of exposure to asbestos fibres.

  • The types of asbestos and its uses in buildings.

  • The types of asbestos surveys.

  • The asbestos register, risk assessment and management plan.

  • Asbestos remediation.

  • The role of asbestos analysts and laboratory procedures

What are the Entry Levels

BOHS recommends that the candidates have an Awareness of the contents of the following:

  • The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (Regulation 4).

  • L143 - Managing and working with asbestos ACOP and guidance.

  • HSG248 - Asbestos: The analysts’ guide for sampling, analysis and clearance procedures.

  • HSG264 - The Survey Guide

How Long is the Course

The course is delivered over a 5 day period.

  • Day 1 – 4   covers the required syllabus, including practical   work books and simulation / scenarios

  • Day 5  Exams (Invidulated)


On completion of the course, candidates must pass a two part examination

  • Written Theory Examination

  • Written Practical


NB: Candidates have a 12 month period in which to pass the two parts of the legislation

Ferncroft Environmental UK, who deliver the courses are full members of UKATA and BOHS.

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